Klein JAN cellar.

Klein JAN a culinary gem in the Kalahari

Chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant JAN, in Nice, created Klein JAN to celebrate all he values in his homeland. Having grown up on a farm, he feels at home in the vast expanses of the Kalahari, and it is here that he brings his vision to life. 

Water, the rarest of all ingredients in the Kalahari, became the primary source of life for Klein JAN. The restaurant resides in Boscia House, alongside a farm dam with an adjoining wind pump, an ancient reservoir collecting this precious resource from deep within the earth. Guests can taste locally sourced products in the root cellar, all acquired within a 300 km radius of the restaurant, providing an immersive taste of farm life as experienced by Jan Hendrik during his upbringing.

The journey culminates in a series of modern Kalahari courses, beautifully presented with a full view of the open-plan kitchen, all while overlooking the vast plains of the area. This uniquely African experience has garnered international acclaim and welcomes guests from all over the world. 

Raking in the international accolades

Restaurant Klein JAN, was awarded in the international Hidden Gem category at the prestigious La Liste 2022 gala evening in Paris. The La Liste Awards recognise chefs, restaurants and regions that are making waves in the industry through excellent cuisine, innovation, sustainability and authenticity; and the fact that a proudly African restaurant rooted in the heart of the Kalahari has received this honour on an international stage is a tremendous testimony to the incredible Klein JAN team’s work.

The team at Restaurant Klein JAN have been honoured by the Tourism and Hospitality Counsel of South Africa at the 3rd annual Luxe Restaurant Awards in three categories: Culinary Pioneer, Restaurant of the Year (Restaurant Klein JAN) and Chef of the Year.

In less than a year since its opening, Klein JAN’s impact has inspired the creation of the Klein JAN Cookbook, Jan Hendrik’s third culinary title, celebrating the food and people of the Kalahari. At its core, Klein JAN is a celebration of South Africa’s natural wealth, blending innovative culinary techniques with the rich legacy of the land.

KleinJan stoep
Image courtesy of KleinJAN

Located on the exclusive Tswalu Kalahari Private Wildlife Reserve, Klein JAN is a 4.5 hours’ drive from Cape Town, offering discerning clients a remarkable dining experience. For effortless access, charter flights can be arranged.

Contact the team at Klein JAN to book directly and discuss transport options. More details are also available on their website.

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