HammerCats yacht tenders

Luxury superyacht tenders crafted in Cape Town

Innovative hull design for fast, smooth ride

HammerCat luxury superyacht tenders are built locally in Cape Town by a team of passionate boatbuilding veterans. They saw the market gap for a lightweight, unsinkable superyacht tender, which could be powered efficiently with fewer engines. The decision to build in Cape Town was easy:  the local industry has a pool of talented workers, labour is fairly priced, and the established global logistics chain makes transport to market seamless.  

A HammerCat superyacht tender makes perfect sense: they are unsinkable and have a high bow and low attachment point for the towing bridle. Weighting in at just 9,000 Lbs, it is easy to tow and does not become a burden on the mothership in terms of speed and fuel consumption. The HammerCat carries 400 Gl of fuel and can go 500 miles without refuelling, making it an outstanding tender in more remote locations such as the Exumas, Bahamas, with few fuelling options. 

Various factors determine the fuel efficiency of any power catamaran; one of the most important is the weight-to-horsepower ratio.  The HammerCat superyacht tenders use only epoxy composite materials and carbon fibre. It means it weighs 40% less than comparable “polyester” centre console catamarans and does not need quad engines. The standard set-up is 2 x 350HP, which propels the HammerCat 35 to >50mph and a very economical cruise at 35mph with a range of 600 miles.  The HammerCat 35 can also run on a single engine. 

All components are resin-infused. These high-tech methods result in a wet weight of 4 tons / 9,000 Lbs (with engines, fuel, ready to go boating). The weight distribution across the hull determines the effectiveness and comfort: the centre of gravity of the HammerCat 35 is midships, ensuring that the boat gets on a plane amazingly quickly. The HammerCat 35 does not need trim tabs, a true statement of an efficient hull.

Efficient hull design ensures a smooth ride

The hull shape and deck layout of the HammerCat 35 are superior to other power catamarans: the background of the hull design originates from South Atlantic fishing vessels, enhanced by our naval architect for optimal comfort and a dry ride. With her extensive and wide gunnels, cambered decks with recesses to the side deck for easy water flow and enormous fish boxes or storage, the HammerCat 35 exemplifies functionality. The HammerCat feels much larger than a 35’ vessel as the oversized hardtop protects the occupants of all five helm seats from the elements while ensuring a 360-degree walk around. The high bow (the fore deck is >5’’ of the waterline) is safe, stylish and recomforting in rough weather conditions. 

The innovative double-stepped hull increases performance, comfort, and efficiency by drawing in air from outside the hull and creating a pocket of aerated water underneath the hull on which the boat rides. The narrow bow entry enhances the sea-going abilities of the HammerCat 35 by quickly cutting through any waves. At the same time, the chine increases the volume when the boat runs over a wave, thus ensuring a flatter, more comfortable and drier ride. Certain areas under the deck are filled with closed-cell foam, making the HammerCat 35 unsinkable. 

HammerCats continue to grow in popularity and have some die-hard fans in the superyacht industry. HammerCats superyacht tenders are available on M/Y Arkadia, M/Y Odeyssea and M/Y Big Fun Too. 

To learn more about joining the HammerCat family of owners, please get in touch with the team.



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