Seascape Engines

Seascape Marine Services, a trusted engine supplier

Representing Yanmar since 1980’s

Seascape Marine Services (Pty) Ltd., formerly known as IMS Cape, has represented Yanmar Marine since the early 1980s, offering a comprehensive range of engines to local boat builders and individuals.  They are committed to supplying high-quality, innovative propulsion and onboard power solutions and related products and services within the African continent..

Founded by a team of seasoned marine professionals, Seascape Marine Services was born out of a collective passion for maritime excellence and a real understanding of the challenges inherent to the African market. Over the years, they have consistently adapted to remain at the forefront of the industry, embracing innovation and sustainability to ensure that their customers receive optimal solutions for their maritime requirements.

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Director Jamie de Jong leads the team at Seascape. He has worked for the company for 20 years, starting there in a junior role when he was 21. He has a strong relationship with the significant South African boatbuilders and the marine industry at large. Known for his attention to detail and strong work ethic, he is a great example of the high level of customer service you can expect when you come to Cape Town.

Seascape Marine Services operates a globally accessible service that runs continuously, 365 days a year. Their engineers are prepared to embark on worldwide assignments immediately, guaranteeing prompt attention to marine equipment when required. A fully equipped service centre in Cape Town provides comprehensive backup support, ensuring their engineers have the resources and expertise to deliver exceptional service, regardless of location.

60 Years of service excellence

Seascape Marine Services has over six decades of experience and is well-equipped to overhaul, maintain, and service products from leading diesel engine manufacturers (main engine and auxiliary), turbochargers, and reduction gearboxes. Their deep-rooted expertise in the marine industry ensures that clients’ engines and equipment receive the highest level of care, resulting in improved performance and extended longevity.

Seascape Marine Services exclusively offers parts from Yanmar, HamiltonJet, and Kohler, specifically designed to optimise performance and compatibility with their respective engines and jets.

Seascape Marine Services is committed to service excellence and industry leadership. They are trusted partners dedicated to enhancing the African maritime community’s future through sustainable practices and exceptional service. Contact Seascape Marine Services directly and be assured of their excellent customer support.

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