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Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Conservation lies at its heart

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve provides a harmonious blend of tranquil luxury and wellness in the pristine natural setting of the Cape Floristic Kingdom. From an elevated location on the rolling Fynbos hills, the Grootbos lodges enjoy panoramic views over the azure coastline of Walker Bay, only 2 hours from Cape Town. The free-standing luxury suites are expertly placed to afford guests the utmost privacy to enjoy these soul-soothing views from their private decks.

Guests are able to curate their time at Grootbos with their allocated Grootbos guides and are able to choose from a selection of activities that amongst others include mindful Milkwood forest walks, rejuvenating coastal excursions to ancient caves, some pampering at the spa or adventures out on the reserve exploring the landscape either on horseback or in our Grootbos 4×4 vehicles. 

Grootbos - Private Villa Views

The setting is accompanied by sumptuous meals curated from the freshest local ingredients by our Grootbos culinary team, who make certain that vegan, vegetarian and any dietary requirements are not only catered for but are included innovatively and expertly in our Grootbos menus. Grootbos takes pride in celebrating the regional wine culture and has an extensive curated wine cellar reflecting years of purchasing from premium wine auctions. 

Conservation and community cornerstones of Grootbos ethos

Grootbos’ s commitment to conservation, community and sustainability adds a layer of relevance and significance to the overall Grootbos experience, that many of our Grootbos guests enjoy connecting with, by visiting the work and activities of our Grootbos Foundation.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve has a legacy of 25 years of documenting and conserving the Cape Floral Kingdom. With the intention of celebrating and showcasing the stories of the Cape Fynbos of the southern Overberg and the valuable botanical heritage of South Africa, the Grootbos Florilegium is an innovative and inspiring botanical art project that documents the flora in perpetuity in a dedicated state of the art botanical art gallery.

Grootbos Florilegium

The urgency in recognising this exceptional landscape lies in the vulnerability of the landscape and its species. Conservationists the world over have recognised this area as the hottest of hotspots and of critical importance to the preservation of the Cape Floral Kingdom. 

The Grootbos Florilegium brought about a global artist collaboration of carefully selected leading botanical artists, who visited Grootbos and immersed themselves in the botanical mecca of the reserve, the ecological research and the Grootbos property. Highly acclaimed and celebrated artists from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Reunion, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom have contributed over 120 remarkable examples of botanical art portraits documenting the flora of Grootbos. The beauty of botanical art, as the medium for the Grootbos Florilegium, is that it most accurately illustrates the rich scientific details of plants and brings the narratives to life.

Grootbos Gallery - Superyacht Cape Town - Interior View

A distinguishing feature of the Grootbos Florilegium is the inclusion of associated insects, pollinators and other animal ‘friends’ of the fynbos in the artwork or incorporated in the supplementary vignettes. The botanical art gallery offers a themed journey through the many facets of this remarkable biome and is an enchanting immersion into the wonders of nature.

It is fitting that the proceeds of the Grootbos Florilegium support the conservation and community work undertaken in the Cape Floristic Kingdom, as the art is able to bring attention to the wonder and intricate detail of the plants and their pollinators. 

An excursion to the dedicated botanical art gallery is open and available to Grootbos guests and offers daily guided tours of the gallery to best share and celebrate the Grootbos Florilegium. 

For more information and to book a memorable stay, contact Grootbos via their website.

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