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Reunion: The INTENSE Island

More than a destination; it’s a call to adventure.

Reunion Island, a jewel in the Indian Ocean, is not just a destination; it’s an experience of extreme adventure set against a backdrop of natural wonders. From its active volcanoes to lush rainforests and deep canyons, Reunion Island beckons adventurers and nature lovers alike to explore its unparalleled beauty.

Reunion Island, aptly nicknamed “The Intense Island,” is a mosaic of exceptional natural sites, from valleys and mountains to oceans and the iconic Piton de la Fournaise volcano. Standing at 2,632 meters, Piton de la Fournaise is not only a testament to the island’s volcanic nature but also a main attraction that offers visitors a total change of scenery. Whether it’s erupting or dormant, a visit to this volcano promises an unforgettable adventure, with options to explore by car, on foot, or even delve into the heart of the volcano through lava tunnel tours.

Image courtesy of UNSPLASH – Kevin Charit

 Canyoning, Rappelling, and Hiking: The Thrill-Seeker’s Paradise

Reunion Island is a haven for those who seek the thrill of canyoning and rappelling. With its diverse terrain, ranging from Cilaos to Salazie and stretching from the north to the wild south, the island offers an adventure at every turn. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, adventurers can indulge in rappelling, ziplining, jumping, and sliding through the island’s breathtaking canyons, including the iconic Trou Blanc, Fleurs Jaunes, Sainte Suzanne (Bassin Boeuf), Rivière des Roches, Langevin, and Bras Rouge canyon. These activities not only promise an adrenaline rush but also provide a unique way to explore the island’s grandiose scenery and pristine rivers.

 Cirques, Peaks, and Waterfalls: Nature’s Majestic Creations

The island’s unique geography has given birth to three cirques: Mafate, Cilaos, and Salazie. Mafate, accessible only by air or hiking trails, offers a serene escape into nature, with 140 km of trails winding through exceptional landscapes. Cilaos, on the other hand, presents a different challenge with its 400-turn road leading to a village that’s a starting point for numerous hikes. Each cirque, with its own story and atmosphere, offers a unique exploration experience.

Waterfalls like the Cascade of the Veil of the Bride in Salazie add a mystical touch to the island’s landscape, with legends adding to their charm. The Trou de Fer Waterfalls, with their impressive depth and beauty, are a spectacle not to be missed, whether on foot or from the air.

Image courtesy of Unsplash – Marie Rouilly

 Beaches and Coastal Beauty: The Softer Side of the island

While Reunion Island is renowned for its rugged terrain and volcanic landscapes, it also boasts beautiful beaches such as Grande Anse and the Hermitage Beach. These spots, despite the caution required due to the presence of sharks, offer peaceful retreats for picnics, strolls, and simply admiring the island’s coastal beauty.

Reunion Island is more than a destination; it’s a call to adventure. Whether scaling the heights of Piton de la Fournaise, canyoning on many routes through the island’s lush landscapes, exploring the depths of lava tunnels, or simply enjoying the serenity of its beaches and waterfalls, Reunion offers an adventure for every spirit. 

With its rich tapestry of natural wonders, cultural heritage, and unspoiled beauty, a journey to Reunion Island is an exploration of nature’s most magnificent playground.

NOONSITE has information about clearance into Reunion. Visit their site to find the latest information.

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