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Reimagined V &A Waterfront Heliport

A New Chapter in Cape Town’s Luxury Transit

The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for the V & A Waterfront with the strategic enhancement of its Heliport. This initiative is more than just an upgrade; it’s a transformation designed to redefine the travel experience from Cape Town International Airport to the Waterfront, blending luxury with unmatched efficiency.

Positioned at the East Pier, the Heliport now features 14 helipads. Of these, twelve serve three premier tenants – Cape Town Helicopters, NAC Helicopters and Sport Helicopters – each catering to distinct market segments and discerning clients. For those seeking more temporary arrangements, two helipads offer short-term leases, directly through the V& A Waterfront, providing versatility for diverse requirements.

Cape Town Helicopters - Superyacht Cape Town - aerial view of City

Cape Town Helicopters, one of the Heliport’s key tenants, has a world-class facility with an unmatched fleet. With a lineup including Robinson 44s, Airbus H120s, Airbus H130s, a Bell Long Ranger 407s, and an Airbus H125, they set the standard in aviation luxury. The Airbus helicopters, in particular, showcase innovation with their Fenestron-enclosed tail rotors, engineered to reduce noise, making these aircraft suitable for operation in noise-sensitive locales.

What sets Cape Town Helicopters apart is their crew of pilots, who double as certified tour guides, ensuring that each flight is a journey and a rich, engaging experience. Their Full Peninsula Tour, a favourite among passengers, offers an unparalleled perspective of Cape Town’s stunning landscapes, from the majestic Cape of Good Hope to the breathtaking Table Mountain National Park.

Cape Town Helicopters - Superyacht Cape Town - Oysters on West Coast

As demand for their services grows, Cape Town Helicopters has expanded its offerings beyond mere transportation. They now curate experiences that combine the thrill of flight with gourmet adventures, like the West Coast Mussels and Oyster Beach feast. This excursion transports guests to a culinary paradise at Saldanha Bay, where fresh seafood and local flavours create a dining experience as memorable as the flight itself. 

Through the upgraded Heliport, the V & A Waterfront is not just enhancing how visitors travel; it’s elevating the entire experience, making it a journey worth remembering. This development is a testament to Cape Town’s evolving luxury landscape, where convenience meets elegance, setting a new benchmark for travel in the city.

To book a wine safari or culinary feast with Cape Town Helicopters, contact them directly via their website.

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