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Atlas Trading – Cape Town’s Spice mecca

Situated against the backdrop of Bo-Kaap’s kaleidoscopic facades, Atlas Trading is a place where culinary dreams are fueled and supported by a legacy of quality and authenticity. 

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, this family-owned business has carved a niche as the city’s oldest and most revered spice store. With a rich heritage that mirrors the colourful tapestry of Cape Town itself, Atlas Trading is more than just a store; it’s a gateway to the world’s flavours, offering an unparalleled selection of spices, rice, and rare products sourced globally.

More Than Just Spices

Stepping into Atlas Trading is like embarking on a sensory expedition, each spice telling a story of distant lands. The store serves as a map, guiding adventurers and locals to the perfect ingredients for transforming meals into experiences. From the sought-after Leaf Masala blend to the rarest of spices, each product is a chapter in a larger story of culinary discovery. Among the store’s treasures, the Leaf Masala is a bestseller—a versatile mix of 12 spices that perfectly pairs perfectly with beef, chicken, vegetables, and more. This blend epitomises Atlas Trading’s philosophy: to provide spices that add flavour and inspire culinary creativity.

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Cape Town’s Culinary Ambassador

Walking into Atlas Trading is akin to stepping into an Eastern bazaar, filled with the fragrant aromas of spices that beckon from every corner. From well-known curries and barbeque mixes to exotic spices like Methi Kasoori and Sajiera, the store promises an adventure for every palate. It’s not uncommon to find a diverse clientele, from tourists eager to discover local flavors to locals in search of the perfect ingredient to elevate their home cooking. “There hasn’t been one case where we couldn’t help a customer,” assures Wahab, highlighting the store’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

The store’s offerings extend beyond spices to include a variety of beans, rice, nuts, coconut milk and oil, dried fruits, and incense sticks. Many of these products are imported directly from India, ensuring authenticity and purity. However, Atlas Trading also prides itself on sourcing locally, like the special sugar beans grown only in South Africa, emphasizing the store’s blend of global and local culinary traditions.

Visit Atlas Trading in Bo Kaap for a unique foodie experience or order online.

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