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FYN Restaurant: A Culinary Adventure like none other

FYN Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Cape Town’s historic city centre, offers an exquisite dining experience. Set in a cavernous industrial space adorned with a cloud of wooden discs hanging from the ceiling, FYN is one of Cape Town’s most adventurous culinary addresses. The visionary behind FYN, Peter Tempelhoff, aims to blur the boundaries between South African and Japanese cuisine, creating a unique gastronomic journey.

Culinary Excellence

At FYN, a restaurant in the Relais & Chateaux stable, the fusion of South African and Japanese techniques is evident in every dish. Canapés are served in petite bento boxes, featuring delights such as prawn crudo with dashi mayo and grilled shishito peppers. The kaiseki-style multi-course menus are infused with ingredients like candied ginger, tempura nori, and salted Japanese plum, offering a tantalizing blend of flavors.

The restaurant’s design challenges the traditional separation of kitchen and dining room, creating a seamless integration where both spaces become part of each other. FYN prioritizes comfort over formality and collaboration over individual achievements, with its depth, complexity, and deliciousness leading the way.

The Visionaries

FYN is led by a trio of culinary explorers: Peter Tempelhoff, Ashley Moss, and Jennifer Hugé. With 22 years of experience, Peter is the visionary behind FYN, turning his dream into reality. Ashley, with his distinctive tattoos and grunt, brings a unique edge to the team, while Jennifer, the Service and Beverage Director, ensures impeccable service with a touch of French sophistication. Fearless, inquisitive, and demanding, this team promises to take diners on a culinary journey like no other.

Arriving at FYN feels like stepping into a magical world. After a quick elevator ride, guests are greeted by the front of house team, making them feel welcome from the outset. Once seated, a warm lemongrass-scented towel sets the tone for a meal where fragrance plays an integral role. Under Jennifer Hugé’s leadership, the service team is informed, polished, precise, and world-class.

FYN - Ambience at Mezzanine Level


Stepping out of a retro 1960s lift and into FYN is an experience in itself. The thousands of disc-shaped wooden beads hanging from the ceiling of the double-volume industrial space are iconic, and the scale is truly breathtaking in person. The open-plan kitchen, situated among the dining tables, adds to the dynamic atmosphere, while the view of Cape Town and Table Mountain serves as a majestic backdrop.

Located on the top floor of a 19th-century silk factory, FYN Restaurant stands high above the African gourmet dining scene. It has received several prestigious international distinctions, masterfully reconciling African exuberance and Japanese refinement. The kaiseki-style menus showcase in-season, sustainably grown ingredients from the local terroir, with pescetarian, vegetarian, and vegan options available. The wine list offers a chance to discover old South African vintages, a rare treat for the region.

A Culinary Journey

FYN’s warm and modern décor by Tristan du Plessis, combined with the mountain view, completes the experience. The open kitchen encourages interaction between chefs and diners, while the friendly service guides guests through an exotically flavorful epicurean adventure.

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